"Without Clarity, I wouldn’t have even started. I’d be wasting money, waiting for non-existent funding, and stuck at the beginning with no product." — Raphaël Paulin-Daigle

A 16-year-old creator, innovator, and problem-solver who is building Traces — web conversion optimization services to help companies increase their profit, leads and conversion rate.

Quick Facts:

Moncton, New Brunswick
Clarity Member Since:
January 2012

Clarity Stats:

Call Data:
$215 spent; 5 calls
Advice Sought:
ecommerce, PR, customer acquisition, product marketing, technical strategy

Core Results:

a valid product idea, focus, saved time, saved money, community support


"Before finding Clarity, I had lost about $4,000 from bad advice. Clarity helped me move from that loss towards a business idea that in a few short months, I was ready to launch."

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Raphaël's Story

Raphaël jumped into the world of entrepreneurship when he was just 11 years old. Passionate about magic, he started an online store which eventually pivoted into an online magic directory — and then again into into a hub for software for entertainers. It was when he started performing at birthday parties and events that his career began to take off.


It was my first big success in the entrepreneurship world.

Years later, Raphaël would experiment with many new business ideas, including Idealinput — a low-cost online marketplace for consultants.


I love to create. I have a strong imagination. I always have these ideas that pop into my mind. Entrepreneurship is the best way for me to explore my creativity. Like many entrepreneurs, I want to change the world in some way.

Life Before Clarity

Raphaël is the very first entrepreneur in his family.


My biggest source of support were my parents and family. They never said that one of my ideas was going to be impossible or that it wouldn’t work. Even if they thought it, they wouldn’t tell me. They always support me and are always there for me. Whatever I do, they do their best to help me succeed.

Business advice, however, was tougher for him to find.


I lost $4,000 because of well-intentioned but bad advice that I had previously received. My advisors analyzed my idea but didn’t really explain how I could validate my concept. They just told me to create a business plan, make a logo, launch my website, create terms and conditions, and draft contracts —all were very expensive. Without Clarity’s experts, I would have never launched with my idea. I would have kept trying to build the perfect website and look for the money that I didn’t have.

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Clarity Gave Him Direction, Pushed Him to Launch

Raphaël was Clarity founder Dan Martell’s first phone call.


I found out about Clarity on Twitter and went with my dad to the launch event in Moncton.The next day, I called Dan Martell. That 15-minute call was life-changing. I had actionable things to do, I had goals to achieve, and I had a simplified concept.

One core idea has stayed strong with Raphaël — make the most out of what you have.


Dan gave me some advice on how I could launch my business idea for $100. Before, the call, I thought it would take hundreds of thousands. Dan told me not to build a full-featured website or hire a developer. Without his advice, I would have been stuck trying to do both.

As Raphaël explains, Clarity is invaluable for any and all entrepreneurs who may be lost or in need of advice.


I think Clarity is for anyone who wants advice or has doubts about business decisions. There are so many people with different areas of expertise. It’s especially great for young entrepreneurs who need to learn.

Key Calls

Raphaël's calls have evolved into powerful business lessons. Here have been some of his most valuable learnings:

Mark MacLeod

Mark MacLeod — Chief Corporate Development Officer at FreshBooks

Finding your market share as a new startup

Devesh Dwivedi

Devesh Dwivedi — Business Consultant & Coach

Resources for young entrepreneurs, signs that a business is failing, when to ‘quit’ and pursue a new idea

Mike Mason

Mike Mason — Product Manager at Magmic Inc.

How to get more subscribers to your launch page

Heather Anne Carson

Heather Anne Carson — Co-founder of Onboardly

PR strategy for new startups

Dan Martell

Dan Martell — CEO & Founder of Clarity

Simplifying an idea, lean startup, building a minimum viable product


The people I’ve called have gone above and beyond for me. They follow-up to check in on how I’m doing, and I’ve even met with some experts in person. Single conversations have evolved into multiple calls.

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