"I love helping new entrepreneurs since I had a few strong mentors when I first started out and want to give back, so I make it a point to spend 1-2 hours a week advising. Clarity helps me stay on track by giving me a tool to monitor my time spent, schedule calls with zero effort, build my personal brand, and meet new emerging leaders who I wouldn’t otherwise come across." — Cheryl Yeoh

Versatile entrepreneur who co-founded and is CEO of Reclip.It, a digital coupons and e-circular distribution platform for retailers and brands

Quick Facts:

Customer & Lean Development, Growth Hacking, Early-Stage Startups, Product Marketing, PR & Branding
San Francisco, California & New York, New York
Clarity Member Since:
June 2012

Clarity Stats:

Call Data:
24+ Calls (Ongoing: 2-3 per week), all 5.0 stars rated! (you can search under “most calls” on the app)
Advice Areas:
entrepreneurship, fundraising, product management, user experience, business strategy

Core Value:

time-tracking tools, conference call features, seamless scheduling and calling


"I love helping new entrepreneurs, so I make it a point to spend several hours a week advising. Clarity helps me stay on track by giving me a tool to monitor my time spent, schedule calls with zero effort, build my personal brand, and meet new emerging leaders who I wouldn’t otherwise come across."

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Cheryl's Story

Cheryl is the co-founder and CEO at Reclip.It, a digital coupons and e-circular distribution platform for retailers and brands. She is also an active mentor at the Founder Institute, the Lean Machine Startup Weekend, as well as Thiel Foundation 20 Under 20 Program. She is passionate about giving back to new entrepreneurs and advising new leaders up to about 2 hours per week.


"People helped me along the way, and I am very committed to giving back."

Life Before Clarity

Passionate about giving advice, Cheryl consistently scheduled 1:1 time with new entrepreneurs.


"I used to meet entrepreneurs at conferences and events. Sometimes, we’d meet through introductions. We’d meet up for coffee, which was awesome — in-person time is definitely valuable. "

Cheryl loves sharing her insights and providing advice, but she wants to make sure that her time is well-spent.


"I think the calls that I take on Clarity have a very different purpose than the usual in-person coffee meetings, since the latter can be more time consuming and focused on relationship building rather specific advice giving. Plus, I can only take 1-2 in-person coffee meetings a week at most, if any! To me, Clarity opens up doors for more efficient meetings that are targeted at people who need advice on a specific matter; my favorite part about it is that everyone caller comes prepared with questions, so no time is wasted. Clarity just changes the way people think about “mentoring” and I think it will become an indispensable tool for early stage entrepreneurs, especially those who do not reside within Silicon Valley."

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Clarity Helps Her Manage Her Time While Building Her Personal Brand

To Cheryl, Clarity is an invaluable tool for saving time and expanding her sphere of influence.


"I feel like I can connect with more entrepreneurs than was previously possible with in-person meetings. With Clarity, I can schedule 30-minute back-to-back sessions.. Clarity helps me track and manage the time I spend advising. I love how Clarity calls me so that I don’t have to worry about missing a conversation."

She positions Clarity as a resource to grow her personal brand.


"Clarity helps me showcase who I am and what I stand for, especially as I start to become formal advisors and consultants to reputable startups. I’m able to grow my reputation as a top expert in my field, which is important, however what matters more to me is the ability and transparency to see how helpful my advice actually is to these entrepreneurs. For example, I am now able to check that all my previous 24 callers so far have given me a 5.0 star rating, which is great validation that I’m providing valuable advice instead of fluffy advice anyone else can give. Also, I think Clarity is a brilliant complement to your typical LinkedIn profile and pages, the latter of which tends to focus on listing your skills and background, but not particularly focused on connecting people with experts."

Favorite Clarity Stories

1) The Follow-Up


"One of the first few Clarity calls I had was with an entrepreneur in Atlanta who is building a safe haven for people who are stressed and need advice. This is a business idea that I’m really passionate about — in college, I volunteered at Cornell’s suicide first responder team. After the call, I gave him my email address, and he kept in touch with me. It has become a longer-term relationship and the last I heard was that he got into YCombinator! I love follow-ups since I want to make sure that I’m actually helping. I want the people I help to succeed, and I want them to give me that feedback."

2) The Organic Juice Company


"I spoke with an entrepreneur who is building an organic juice company in Tennessee. He needed advice about acquiring users, PR and branding. The entrepreneur has such an incredible personal story about how healthy eating and living changed his life. Since I am passionate about the healthy food movement myself, I totally understood his business. Instead of hiring a big PR firm, I told him that the best form of marketing for him right now is to weave his personal story in a way that would touch people but at the same time educate people about the benefits of healthy living. I encouraged him to start a blog and also write about his employees (he mentioned that all his employees had a personal story too)."

3) The Talk Show Host


"I was recently quoted in The New York Times about dating in the digital and social era. A talk show producer in Los Angeles read the article and a direct response I wrote on my personal blog. He reached out to me because he wanted me to be part of a talk show about relationships and dating. Honestly, I take these pitches with a grain of salt (which doesn’t happen regularly, I assure you), but I think it is awesome that Clarity has this sort of a reach!"


"I am passionate about providing as much value as I can — Clarity helps me achieve that goal by helping new entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, I’m able to donate all of my Clarity earnings to my personal charity in Tanzania. It’s the perfect tool for giving back."

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