"Clarity gives me a tool to monetize my consulting service. I use it to build new relationships and forge stronger professional bonds with my existing audience." — Sammy Davis

Digital fashion entrepreneur, blogger, vintage fashion expert, digital strategist, and founder at

Quick Facts:

Vintage & secondhand fashion e-commerce
New York, New York
Clarity Member Since:
December 2012

Clarity Stats:

Call Data:
26+ Calls
Advice Areas:
fashion buying, branding, publishing, journalism, content development, entrepreneurship, vintage fashion careers, digital marketing

Core Value:

Monetization tool for consulting, personal brand development channel, new connections.


"I have conversations all day long, but primarily through Facebook and Twitter. People e-mail me all the time, but I don’t always have time to answer — which made me feel extremely guilty. Clarity gives me a resource to monetize my time while making new, invaluable connections"

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Sammy's Story

Sammy has been in love with the vintage fashion market for years — and that passion has pushed her to become an expert in her field.


"I was a vintage clothing seller for two years in New York. I transitioned this venture into a media property back in 2009. I founded my website and was very quickly able to build a highly engaged, international audience. "

Her community is more than a tool for fashion — it’s a network of entrepreneurs.


"I would say that 80% of my following are vintage fashion sellers or want to be. They're extremely passionate about the field."

Life Before Clarity

Sammy leveraged her background in journalism to build a robust community around her personal brand.


"I have more than 100,000 visitors each month. I talk with my community on social media and through my blog every day. I receive lots of fan mail and advice requests, but I could never give every single person the attention that they needed. I felt bad, but I needed to prioritize my time on building my business."

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Clarity Helps Her Grow Her Business

Clarity empowers Sammy to forge new relationships with her readers and followers.


"Clarity helps me connect with my audience members — I’ve connected with new people beyond the social media power-users who I already knew about."

She hosts the Clarity widget on her website to diversify her blog revenue.


"There’s only so much value that a publisher can generate from a free content model. I think that Clarity is a creative way to diversify your revenue stream while cultivating your reputation in your community."

She’s working on leveraging Clarity as a tool to grow her ventures as a consultant.


"I am building packages to to my audience’s varying goals. For instance, I could evaluate your idea for a store. I also provide digital marketing advice to help business owners expand their online presences. I help advice seekers make the most out of their investments."

She sees Clarity as an opportunity for strategic partnerships with fellow experts in her field.


"Thanks to the new group calls future, there’s unlimited opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another in a way that directly funnels into my business’s growth."

Favorite Clarity Stories

1) The Social Dilemma


"My last call was with a woman who was struggling to promote her website — she couldn’t quite pinpoint the right tools to use. I talked to her about the benefits of Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Pinterest and explained that I see significantly more referral traffic from Pinterest. I helped her determine where and how to concentrate her digital strategy efforts."

2) The Student-Gone-Teacher


"My first call with a woman who’s been selling online in wholesale. She was debating opening a store but wasn’t sure whether the decision would be the right fit with her goals. That 27-minute conversation became an e-mail chain . I ultimately inspired her to come to one of the most prestigious vintage shows - The Manhattan Vintage Show - in the country. She did and happened to be staying just down the street from me. Now, we’re friends — it’s amazing how these relationships can evolve into so much more than a phone call. She teaches me so much, and now, I have an expert who can partner with me on some of my future calls. It’s just awesome."

3) The Geo-Transplant


"There was a woman from Tennessee who was moving to California. She was in-between jobs, and we had an honest heart to heart about her goals for selling online for an extra paycheck. I was able to connect her with a variety of resources to help her navigate through her decisions."


"Clarity is an awesome tool for building a brand around your expertise."

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