Adding an Area of Expertise to your profile for each type of advice that you'd like to give will dramatically increase your chances of being found and getting more calls.

To add an Area of Expertise go to Edit Your Profile > Expertise Listings.

Tips on creating a great Area of Expertise

1. Use a keyword rich and detailed title.

Use keywords that a user would use when searching for your expertise.  Also be sure to list details or benefits they'll receive.  BAD: Raising Capital.  GOOD: How to raise capital from Silicon Valley when you live in another country.

2. Use a high quality and relevant Cover Image.

When creating your listing, be sure to add a relevant and high quality image that will help your listing stand out.  Personal photos of your accomplishments, awards, or background work best as well as high quality images reenforcing the expertise.

3. List your accomplishments and benefits in your Description.

A great description list your background and accomplishments related to the expertise, as well as the benefit the user will receive from your call.  If possible, list your education, past clients and results you've help them achieve.