Every day, experts around the world connect and share amazing advice with members on Clarity. The secret to being a successful expert lies in seven expert standards that every great expert meets. Here are Clarity's seven standards.

Accuracy. Ensure that your profile and listing's photos, experience, accomplishments, and general description accurately reflect the advice the member will experience.

Communication. Respond to all enquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours.

Availability. Respond to each request for a call by either accepting, suggesting new times or cancelling with a valid reason.

Commitment. Ensure that you can commit to the member before accepting a call request. If a cancellation is unavoidable, make every effort to help the member reschedule or find someone else on Clarity to help.

Welcome. Make sure that your prepared and on-time for your call at the predetermined time.

Helpful. During the call, be sure to answer the questions being asked in a clear and helpful way.

Reviews. Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of our trusted community. Leave a review for members within 30 days of the call.