When you're paying for an expert's time, it's good to be prepared to make the most out of the call. Here's a few suggestions about having killer conversations with experts:

Define the Problem(s).

This should be the first thing you do, even before you find an expert. Get it out on paper. What exactly are you seeking advice for? What problem(s) do you want to solve?

Send the expert a message before the call.

Once you schedule a call, sending a message to the expert with bullet points of any useful details, questions or background info helps make your time together more productive. To send a message, go to your Calls > Click on the call > Click "Send a Message" > Type your message in the Inbox > Hit "Send".

Break the ice, but know when to move on.

It's good to start off with some small talk to break the ice. Get comfortable, but move on as quickly as naturally possible to the meaty part of the conversation. Remember, time is money.

Prioritize your questions.

Ask the more important questions first and make sure they're fully addressed before moving on to the lesser important ones.

Set aside time.

It's easy to overbook yourself. Don't do this when you're paying for an expert's time. Block off your schedule. Make sure you have good cell reception and are in a distraction-free location. Most members find that it helps to get ready 10 minutes or so before the call. Also, allow 10 minutes following the call to compile any notes and absorb what was discussed.

Finish it off classy.

‚ÄčIf you feel like you had a good Clarity call with an expert, let them know. Who knows, you may want to circle back with them at some point down the road. If you think more people you know would also benefit, consider booking a Team Call with the expert. Give the expert a positive review - it helps them get more calls by raising their Clarity search rankings.

The human connection that takes place when you talk to an expert over the phone is a great experience if things go well. We hope these points help you have better interactions on Clarity. If you have any success stories about your Clarity calls, we'd love to hear em'. Shoot us an email at support@clarity.fm and keep us posted!