"Between traveling, running my own startup, and consulting governments, I don’t have much free time — but I love being able to help where I can. Clarity makes this process easy for me while helping me grow my network, build my reputation, and reach more entrepreneurs." — Tyler Crowley

Pitch strategist, Launch Conference coach, early-stage startup consultant, and founder at Skweal — a platform that connects businesses and customers privately and directly to avoid dealing with negative comments and reviews online.

Quick Facts:

Early stage startups
Stockholm & Los Angeles
Clarity Member Since:
January 2012

Clarity Stats:

Call Data:
26 Calls
Expertise Areas:
entrepreneurship, pitch strategy, digital media, B2B startups

Primary Benefits:

Seamless communication tools, ability to increase accessibility & reach, polite way to say ‘I’m busy,’ revenue stream


"With Clarity, I can focus on advising, travel the world and take calls from anywhere, and grow my sphere of influence. If I’m not the right fit to answer someone’s question, Clarity gives me a polite way to say ‘no,’ and offers a tangible, alternative solution in the form of recommendations to other experts."

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Tyler's Story

As a TechCrunch50 and Launch Conference coach, Tyler has spent years helping early-stage startup founders refine their ideas, determine which problems to solve, and develop compelling pitches.


"Over the years, between the Launch Conference and my consulting business, I’ve advised a few hundred startups. I love helping founders talk about their companies and tweak their products early-on."

Tyler’s passion for advice and coaching is one that underscores his many ventures. To that end, he works with entrepreneurs all over the world.


"I advise founders where I currently live in Stockholm, but I’m very mobile. I live all over the place, including Los Angeles. I rely on tools to keep me connected so that I can be accessible and present to founders — clients and otherwise — who need my advice."

Life Before Clarity

Tyler has developed a reputation as someone who gives great feedback. Over the years, his time has become more and more of a scarce resource — a challenge that’s tough to balance with his passion for consulting, connecting with new founders, and giving great advice.


"Every day, I get many messages asking for advice. Before Clarity, when I lived in Los Angeles, I’d get messaged all the time with requests to go to dinner. It started out small, but then people wanted to meet again and again. There was a period of time — months — when I did not cook or eat a single meal alone."

Tyler understands that with advice, comes value. That's why he ensures that every conversation comes with substantive ROI.


"With every conversation, every coffee break, and every expensive dinner, my goal was to give 5x back what the advice seeker was paying. No matter where I was, it's that thought that was going through my mind."

Now, Tyler can give feedback — beyond dinner conversations — to entrepreneurs all over the world. Clarity gives him the tools to make it happen.

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Clarity Gave Him Resources to Increase His Reach & Impact

For Tyler, Clarity is also a revenue stream. He admits, however, that the true ROI transcends the up-front value of what he's earning from his calls.


"Clarity nearly paid my rent this month, but the true value of what I'm earning is so much more. The experiences are personal. They’re fulfilling. I know that I’m delivering significant value to entrepreneurs who need guidance and direction. The beautiful part about Clarity is that it works everywhere I go. It's easy to use and allows me to travel everywhere and pay rent at the same time. It's an incredible resource. It's kind of like living in the future."

Clarity saves Tyler immense times and gives him the tools to prioritize high-impact conversations.


"I need a convenient way to say, 'hey, I’m busy.' Now, with all the emails I receive, I can point my responses to Clarity. That way, if the advice seeker is serious, he or she will connect with me there. Some follow-up with me, and some don't. I can also say 'no' politely by pointing advice seekers towards other experts — some of whom are better fits than me for the questions being asked. I just say, 'you can probably find someone better suited to your product or vision than myself.' When calls ultimately do funnel back to me, I know that the person on the other line is serious about talking with me."

Favorite Clarity Stories

1) Taking his Launch Conference Coaching Program to the Phone


"One caller had a friend who went through my Launch Conference program and loved it. They ultimately got in touch with me and asked me to do the same program with them over the phone. This is something that I had never done before, but I gave it a go. We did three calls, spanning a total time of three hours. They loved it. It was so much fun to try this process outside of its typical setting. Clarity really helped me grow my sphere of influence."

2) The Persistent Advice Seeker


"Months ago, someone tried to schedule a call with me. I looked through his deck and determined that I wasn't a great fit for the advice that he needed. I didn't think I could provide much value. He liked my response and chose to pursue advice from another expert. Three months later, he reached out to me once again. I took the call, and the conversation was amazing. He left me the best review I've ever received."

3) Clarity


"My most memorable Clarity experience was with Dan Martell. I was his first Clarity call. Dan showed me Clarity when he first thought of the idea. He was in my office in Los Angeles where he showed the idea to me. He came on the show I co-hosted at the time ‘This Week in Startups’ and showed me. Later on, he called me on Clarity for advice on how to pitch the platform at an upcoming conference where he’d be speaking. A core principle of what I teach is to make your pitch emotional. It goes without saying that the call did become emotional. At that point, we both realized that Clarity is an amazing tool."

In terms of ROI and charging for his time, Tyler perceives his Clarity conversations as invaluable business exchanges.


"Whatever I charge on Clarity, I want to make sure that I’m providing more value than I’m taking. As long as I feel confident doing that, I feel fine about charging for my time. If I ever felt like I was giving more than i was taking, then I’d feel about that it. I’d never put myself in that situation."

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